Amundi Luxembourg

Controlling / Treasury


Stage - contrôle de gestion H/F

14 March District de Luxembourg, Luxembourg Intership

•       Participation in the analysis of financial reporting under the responsibility of more experienced financial controllers:
o    Production of periodic reports for operational managers (profitability studies, benchmark, etc.) in support of financial controllers
o    Participation in the analysis of the results and the establishment of comments
o    Information of the manager in the event of anomaly or inconsistency of the data
o    Transmission of financial statements or any related information necessary for the preparation of consolidated parent company accounts or consolidated management reports to internal and external contacts

•       Participation in the evolution of management and control tools:
o    Participation in the improvement of the production process of figures and its efficiency

•       GNP :
o    Participation in the validation of BNP flows (management fees, administration fees, performance fees)
o    Follow-up and participation in the analysis of the evolution of the margin rates
o    Relationship with managers and entities of the Group (preparation of payments and communication of detailed flows)
o    Control and monitoring of invoices related to the funds (recording of invoices by country, establishment of provisions and month-end reconciliation with accounting entries)
o    Ad-hoc analyzes

•       General expenses :
o    Participation in the monitoring of all general expenses items and their consistency:
§  Monthly provision of various transactions to be performed through accounting
§  Follow-up of the focus on staff-related costs, IT fees & general fees
§  Support in the production and analysis of the monthly general expenses figures in relation to budget, past performance and participation in the establishment of the estimates.
§  Monitoring of purchases and general expenses