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“Interventions were very interesting”


Review 10/08/2013

The CCA master is very formative. The courses are varied and rewarding.

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Martin Diesce, Promotion 2010

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“We acquire actual knowledge that we have the opportunity to put into practice very quickly.”


Review 13/07/2013

Our Magisterium (over 3 years, the licence to Master 2) provides us varied courses, and in particular during the year. Beyond the essential technical teachings (law of societies, right work, financial accounting, international accounting...), we also have material whose purpose is more to open your mind and prepare for the professional world (such as the communication, some courses are taught as courses theatre or the "oral business English" material, independent of classic English).

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Sofyan Bouhitem, Financial analyst

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“The courses are of excellent quality.”


Review 06/07/2013

The master allows us to acquire both knowledge in accounting, finance, law and management.

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Anonyme , Student

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“Very interesting”


Review 03/07/2013

Les intervenants sont des experts dans leur domaine ce qui rend les cours très vivants.

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Anonyme , project consolidation Wizard

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“Very well”


Review 29/05/2013

Courses which have developed my critical spirit and my interest in finance

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Pauline Victor, Promotion 2008

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“Cette formation est reconnue par et pour la qualité de ces intervenants.”


Review 21/04/2013

Courses throughout the curriculum were very well prepared by our stakeholders, be they (professionals) external or internal to the University.

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Anonyme , Promotion 2010, Expert accountant trainee, Cabinet Jean François GOUX

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“The CCA of Dauphine master program is very diverse and demanding.”


Review 28/02/2013

Ma formation a été très bonne en ce qu'elle m'a permis d'être opérationnel rapidement. Le stage de 4 mois en master 2 a développé ma maturité et mon adaptabilité au monde professionnel.

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Danièle , D.A.F.

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“Very good”


Review 19/01/2013

These are all professionals: accountants, so she is exceptional...

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Anonyme , Promotion 2010

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“Only teachers of quality, because there are, are finance professors. ”


Review 13/01/2013

The courts are correct. In fact, I feel that the content of the course is strictly the same between Masters and universities or schools.

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Erwan , Promotion 2013

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“Master CCA offers rich and varied lessons in the different areas of management, finance and law.”


Review 10/01/2013

Le Master CCA propose des enseignements riches et variés dans les différents domaines que sont la gestion, la finance et le droit. Selon moi, les enseignements de cette formation procurent de réelles compétences techniques pour les métiers de la comptabilité et de l’audit.

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Romain Agopoff , Promotion 2010

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“The vast majority of courses are given in small groups, facilitating student/teacher interactions. ”


Review 17/12/2012

During the three years of the CCA (L3, M1 and M2), it is clear that the main cast has been accounting various aspects (General Accounting, IFRS, financial audit, consolidation, merge...).

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Adrien Bauwens, Promotion 2011

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“La formation dispensée dans le Master CCA de l'Université Paris Dauphine m'a paru à la fois spécifique et ouverte.”


Review 19/11/2012

La formation dispensée dans le Master CCA de l'Université Paris Dauphine m'a paru à la fois spécifique et ouverte : les enseignements répondent parfaitement à l'intitulé du master (Ingénierie financière, Audit et référentiels comptables, Evaluation en IFRS, Consolidation, Droit des sociétés/fiscal/social, contrôle de gestion, ...), tout en sachant ouvrir le cursus vers d'autres disciplines plus générales (Economie, Stratégie et croissance des entreprises, Informatique et gestion, ...).

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Anonyme , Trainee accountant

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“Very comprehensive and vocational training”


Review 08/11/2012

Very comprehensive and professional training...

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Albin El Rody, Promotion 2012

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“All of these teachings are relevant to the extent where it offer a technicality and an overview on the various problems of financial management of enterprises. ”


Review 02/10/2012

Il est intéressant de noter que cette formation existe depuis 30 ans, anciennement la MSTCF en 4 ans, et a toujours été une voie d'entrée vers les métiers de l'audit et de l'expertise comptable mais aussi les métiers de la finance et de la fiscalité.

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Arnaud Comte, Promotion 2011

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“We have a teaching team in both academia and the workplace.”


Review 12/09/2012

Over the 3 years of the CCA course, we logically have a sizeable base of courses of accounting/auditing and law. We have courses General Accounting, cost accounting as well as consolidation and IFRS standards.

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Anonyme , Financial auditor

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“Good speakers and teachers”


Review 06/09/2012

The courses were enough to allow students to choose their path

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