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Note globale : ★★★★

“ Overall, very positive. ”

Avis déposé le 18/05/2015

Note globale : ★★★★

Salaire / Avantages ★★★★★

Evolution de carrières ★★★★

Management ★★★★★

Culture ★★★★

Equilibre vie pro / privée ★★★★★

Assessment: I worked at Grant Thornton as junior analyst in Transaction Services. The balance is positive although I did want to sustain this experience as long as expected initially. Transaction Advisory Services team is composed of 7 partners for 30 analysts. The size of the service allows very quickly to feel uncomfortable at work in the sense or in a few months, you have the opportunity to work with each person constituting the service. It is much easier in my opinion to evolve in an environment where we know people with whom we work. Overall, very positive.

Skills obtained: I was able to develop skills in financial analysis, installation of business plans, raising funds, in Due Diligence financial and Vendor Due Diligence. I also had a few missions of accounts, which helped strengthen the foundations acquired previously from a competitor of Grant Thornton.

Advantages: The positives from this experience are mainly based on the service Transaction Advisory Services team. The great strength lies in the cohesion of team freshly reconstituted upon my arrival (turn-over 50% of the workforce in the last 12 months). The working atmosphere is so very nice, and the State of mind is healthy, thanks to permanent mutual assistance among analysts.

Disadvantage: The negatives mainly reside in the fact that previous experiences are valued during the interview, and rarely in missions carried out. I was disappointed because of my junior status, my opinion has been rejected when he will be able to respond specifically to the problems facing the firm for some of its customers. It has no legitimacy in the speech before several years of good and loyal service. Despite all efforts of the executives at the company to break the binding hierarchical barriers, some adopt an overly conservative position and do not exploit the resources of each at their fair value.

Advice to the company: Hire commercial! Cabinets are the only companies where the shareholders (mostly accounting), are improvised commercial... If commercial improvised accounting, I would like to see their reaction!