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“ Mixed balance. ”

Avis déposé le 02/07/2014

Note globale : ★★★★★

Salaire / Avantages ★★★★

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Assessment: Mixed balance. This is a good school to learn lots of things in a short time, nevertheless the working atmosphere play a lot, often being on the go also. In addition, there is a lack of recognition of our work which leaden not bad balance sheet. I would say that it is a good experience but it sure should not drag on indefinitely here. For information about 20 people arrived at the same time as me, we do more than 5 (including 12 starts between the end of last season and this season).

Skills developed:
Management, rigour, efficiency, increased speed, work quickly and well with few resources and little time, to fend alone, manage a team, folders, developing the relationship with the client.

Strong points of the company:
big network, documents and important specialists, resources regarding the salary everyone believed at the beginning that it is fine all pink but in view of the number of hours of work and the work done (which is not recognized) wages are not sufficient and the benefits are reduced more and more, the model is being broken.

What I liked:
bad working atmosphere, unpleasant staff. I enjoyed working with some collaborators, discover clients from all walks of life, meet new people.